The Purple Sanctuary

TPS Dubai is an independent boutique spa practicing time-honored Thai massage concepts within an ambience of luxurious serenity. From the ritual ‘foot bath’ welcome to the blissful spa experiences, each moment is hand-crafted to keep you feeling rejuvenated.

Our Philosophy

The Purple Sanctuary emerges with the spirit of restoring harmony and well-being to the body, mind and soul. Our Sanctuary was created to allow you to escape your routine and to be a catalyst towards regaining your inner serenity. At the heart of our philosophy of wellness lies our commitment to guide you to a deeper more profound essence of your own inner calm, contentment and beauty. The treatments at The Purple Sanctuary are intended to stimulate the body, mind and spirit and the experience will be unique, because you are unique. Our team of therapists will ensure that you receive treatments adapted to your needs.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to enhance your individuality, offering you holistic, tailored spa experiences ranging from pure relaxation to wellness journeys as if designed by you.


Press Releases

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